You better do it for your children now!

You won’t find too many places that don’t have access of internet. Hereby, you won’t find too many places where you can save your children from the problem of porn.

I don’t care what the adult people think of it but its matter of serious concern when it comes to my children… A recent study has shown that those who started watching porn from an early age are very much exposed to mental and physical illness. Because of excessive porn addiction, one might find the act of rape and abuse very much normal.


If you check the story of ‘Marc Bridger’- the killer of five years old April Jones, investigator found that this guy had serious addiction on preteen porn. Another killer Stuart Hazzel, who killed a 12 years old girl, Had a vast collection of child porn in his laptop.

So we may take this as a reminder. If we do not pay adequate attention, our children might also face the problem of porn addiction and might convert into rapist or killer slowly.


You don’t need to work vigorously or punish excessively, just give him a good lesson. Create a normal and stable environment for him. He will be strong enough the face the snake of porn movies…

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