What if you have both the money and the health!

Unfortunately we spend the best part of our life chasing after wealth and the moment we gain it- we got very little time left to use it. I have often seen people expressing their frustrations on those rich people who are filthy rich but running short of time. This is the tragedy of life… There are exceptions like Silvio Berlusconi,yet many of them even can’t find any heir to hand ever that wealth and at the end of the day cats and dogs don’t find a way to use that wealth.

Mikhail Prokhorov- the 45 years old business magnet from Moscow owns around $15 billion. Mikhail is 6 foot 9 and a very good player of Basketball. He is also very popular among ladies and often spices Moscow’s different imperial (and wildest) nightclub.

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Besides his night life, Mikhail spends at least two hour everyday at gym and an expert of kickboxing.


Looks like, he has been able to accomplish himself with all the most desired competences… Feeling pity for those who are jealous on Warren Buffet’s wealth… Mikhail has managed both the time and wealth. How the greedy people is going to console themselves now!

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