Suicide: You never know the feelings unless you try this.

When it comes to research on the issue 'suicide'- researchers have always found this pretty difficult to draw a conclusion. This would simply be impossible to find someone who has successfully executed his own suicidal procedures for an interview. This is how, the researchers found no ways so that they can ask someone regarding his suicidal experience.

However, still researchers conduct their research on different evidence of suicide. The most interesting fact about suicide is that most of the persons commit suicide on Monday. Most of us have a common belief that people usually commits suicide for their depression. However, Japan is a quite happy country which is also the country of highest suicidal cases. Most of these Japanese commit suicide due to reasons based on their self-esteem and ego. So depression is not the only reason that provokes suicide.


Interestingly, sometimes suicide attempt may change the way of your life (Only if you fail to commit it, if not- I don’t know). In Paris a lady tried to commit suicide from the Eiffel tower and landed on a car and later she married that car owner.

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