For my job, I often got to stay away from home. This is why; I am not a regular spectator of Television. I miss news, reality show and sports. Still, I don’t want to remain outdated and try to arrange programs by using torrents.

Last weekend, I downloaded Spartacus (spartacus blood and sand season 2) based on some site review. To be honest, the naked body of those actors and actresses was another deciding factor.

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If you want me to summarize in a single word- I would say ‘Mind blowing’. Andy whitfield is so awesome in his character- searching for his lost wife. He has shown that man can defeat anything, even death if he gets the focus… The storey line was beautifully designed, John Hannah has given his best as the character of Batiatus. Lucy Lawless has always been a fine actress, was so cruel and clever at the same time. I must mention the name of viva Bianca as the role of Iliythia. She was so amazingly beautiful and posh in this character.


It was an awesome feelings to see Andy whitfield saying- ‘There is always a way’, just standing in front of some armed guard unarmed. Andy never gave up the search for his wife no matter how worse his condition was. At one stage he bided everything and found his wife has been killed… At that point, I have seen him losing hope for the first time. By that time he was already in a fight with a bigger opponent. Can he fight those enormous opponent with his broken heart? If you want to get an answer, you got to watch Spartacus- blood and sand season 2.

If you want to go deeper, you must watch spartacus gods of the arena (1), before that. Let me assure you something- you won’t regret after watching it.

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