Those who are suffering from the health problems due to smoking habits- are like stuck into a trap. Even I lost friends, one job and two teeth just because of excessive smoking last three years. I often tried to ease the pressure by smoking cigarette and end up by jeopardize everything. Only I know the extent of suffering that I have gone through. Anyways, I finally made it possible. It is almost one year , that I didn’t smoke. I just followed three basic rules, you may try this out:

Rule 1: avoid those colleagues who smoke. It often happens to me. Every time I see someone going outside the office, it was like a break.


Rule 2: this has happened to me. I ate a lot of fruits and chocolates. Every time I had a thirst, I ate those like an animal (we may think about obesity later, cigarette is more dangerous than that).

Rule: Try to get engaged yourself in some sort of physical activities. Try to take stair more, walk for at least 10 minutes every day or try some push up… you may find it annoying if I ad Yoga. But trust me, Yoga is something that would give you some good mind-set to stay away from this.

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