No matter what the president’s intention is, the Obamacare is not going to favor the small and medium size business owner. According to a recent survey- half of small business owners polled indicated thay would either cut employee hours or employ fewer full-time workers to avoid Obamacare’s requirement that employees working over 30 hours a week receive employer-provided health insurance. Another 24 percent said they would curb hiring plans to avoid the employer mandate, since it applies only to companies with 50 or more full-time employees.

So we can see a situation, in which the business owners are struggling to provide the employees with adequate working place facilities. Just last week we have seen a group of McDonald’s crew protesting because they didn’t get their Air Conditioner fixed in the last one year and had to work under the severe heat wave without no protection.


So this is what actually happening worldwide. Small and medium business entrepreneurs are facing the greatest challenges of their lifetime. This will not be easy to survive if they plan to continue with their ordinary strategy. We are experiencing massive changes occurring without any sort of forecasting in the financial arena. In order to deal with the situation this has become very essential to remain updated with every financial updates and happenings and to make prompt decisions.

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